Clubs of the South Carolina District

Originally called Group 5, then District 8... now SC District. 

Oldest clubs in District:   Greenwood 1934    Columbia 1937      Sumter 1939


 Founded on March 3, 1975 this club has been embraced by the surrounding communities which supports their huge Aynor Hoedown. Through this they get great visibility and can generate the funds to support their projects. They sponsor a Project Lifesaver network for parts of the county to track children or adults who may wander. They also offer a Bicycle Safety Rodeo in keeping with protecting the brain for Life. They sponsor an Anchor Club at Aynor High School. Meeting Place: John Dawsey Senior Centeron 2nd Monday of each month at 7:00pm. Contact:


Chartered in May, 1947, this club has a very large Lifeline emergency response outreach in the community. By presenting BrainMinders programs to children of all ages, they are teaching safety to the leaders of the future. Supporting special needs classes in the local public school system is also rewarding. Meeting Place: Bennetts Pointe 4th Tuesday of each month @ 6:00 pm. Contact: 


Chartered in April 1945. First project with other civic groups a banquet to welcome home a home town football hero who chose to join the military rather than play professional football. Projects: donated medical equipment to hospital, created a ball league for special needs children, supported foster children with clothes and holiday events, Sponsor an Anchor club to teach teens the value of service. Meeting Place: Pilot Club House-Barnett Drive. First Thursday @ 7:00 pm. Contact: 


Organized on March 15, 1948. This club has fun doing community service. They have a Lifeline emergency response program in the county, have purchased incubators for premature babies in the hospital, and purchased a handicap lift for the pool at the YMCA. They give 3 high school and 2 adult education scholarships each year. Meeting Place Summit Restaurant 2nd Monday of each month @ 7:00. Contact: 


Chartered April 28, 1994. Primary service project, caregiver's morning out, a respite program for Alzheimer's patient families which meets 3 hours a week. They also give out Bears to emergency responders, and make bibs for nursing home patients. They actively support PI BrainMinders programs teaching children to play safely. They raise their funds with a holiday bazaar and a spring yard sale. Meeting Place: United Methodist Church, Manning, SC on the 1st Thursday of each month at 6:00 pm. Contact: 


Chartered on January 7, 1937 was the first service club for professional women in Columbia. Greatest accomplishment the Lifeline Program. Since 1981 it has grown form seven units to over 2000 units. The club has also started Project Lifesaver with the Richland County Sheriffs Department. Meeting Place: Presbyterian Home ; First Tuesday 5:45pm Contact:


Chartered in 1946 , this club serves the Conway community. The riverfront town is home to a vibrant historical district and the county seat in Horry County, South Carolina's largest county. It is hard to miss all that the Conway Pilots do in their community- from donations to local nursing homes, partnering with Sertoma Club’s Hook a Kid on Fishing program, Alzheimer’s Walk, two Anchor Club (Conway High School and Carolina Forest High) to their signature event Christmas Tour of Homes. Meeting Place: Conway Chamber of Commerce, 203 Main Street in Downtown Conway. 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the Month @ 12:00 PM. Lunch served. Contact:


March 28, 1946 was the beginning of this racing community service club. In the beginning they helped fans find rooms, now they work in the information and hospitality booths at the track. Their huge fundraising, success, the SC Sweet Potato Festival is well attended every year. They support the PI BrainMinders focus in the schools and they also sponsor an Anchor Club for teens. Meeting Place: Jewel's Restaurant on the 2nd and 4th Monday of each Month @ 7:00 pm. Contact:


Meeting Place: City Fire Department @ 7:00 pm. Contact: 


 One of the oldest clubs in the District, chartered in 1934. Early members volunteered in the hospital during the war years and supported the children's library. Greatest accomplishment has been starting the Lifeline and endowing a scholarship at Lander University for a student majoring in a brain related disorders field. Contact:


Chartered June 1942 Community leaders met to determine the need for a service organization for women business leaders. Established a recreation center for soldiers during the war years, taught swimming lessons for 28 years until the YMCA was organized. Sponsors an Anchor club, a high school service organization. Meets at their Club house on Lanier Street across from Lawton Park. Contact: 


Formed in 1946. Community minded women and business leaders. They have supported Disabilities and Special Needs program including giving them a picnic table. They participate in the PI signature BrainMinders project of providing safety education to children. And they provide educational supply boxes in the early fall for the special education classes of the local schools Also have a Lifeline Emergency Response system. Meeting Place: Moose Lodge 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month @ 7:00 pm. Contact: 


Chartered November 22, 1948. Among the many programs and projects this club supports locally and across the District are an Anchor Club at Pee Dee Academy; a Lifeline Emergency Response program (A. Boatwright 423-6426); scholarship opportunities for Anchor Club members, LPN students at Marion County School of Practical Nursing, and others; and a writing competition at a local elementary school to promote patriotism. The financial support for these programs comes mainly from hosting a "Soup Supper/Bake Sale/Silent Auction" held during the town's Annual Christmas Tree Lighting. Meeting Place: Opera House: 2nd Tuesday @7:00 p.m. Contact:

North Augusta

The first meeting was held on September 18, 1971. Primary civic projects include: support for Alzheimer's ; literacy programs; hospice and a program that gives tennis shoes to underprivileged children at the beginning of the school year. They host a Halloweeen party for mentally challenged adults and they give 2 scholarships to the high school. They have a Lifeline emergency response program in their community. Meeting Place: N. Augusta Community Center on 3rd Thursday of each month @ 11:30 am. Contact:

North Myrtle Beach

Chartered on March 16, 1995. High visibility in the community is created by participating in the St. Patrick's Day Parade, the Fall Irish/Italian Festival and the Christmas parade. The club is quite active in presenting BrainMinder Puppet Shows to teach pre-school and kindergarten children how to protect their brains for life. Members of the club volunteer twice weekly at an Alzheimer Unit (plus the Alzheimer Walk in September) and once a week with Special Ed students in a Middle School. Their largest fund raiser is a spring fashion show. Their primary community service project is making beach wheelchairs available to residents and tourists through the Possum Trot Parks & Recreation Department. They donate LifeSaver Bracelets, to the police department, which can track wandering Alzheimer and Autism individuals. They maintain a handicap accessible ramp.Meeting Place: The Surf Golf and Beach Club on 3rd Wednesday @ 6pm. Contact:


Chartered on October 18, 1949, this club has focused on helping underprivileged children with dental care, and tonsillectomies, and they have supported summer camp for special needs children. They have furnished the chapel in the Regional medical center as well as the office of the chaplain. They also sponsored a community sensory garden. They offer LifeLine Emergency response to the community. They raise funds through a Golf Tournament. Meeting Place: First Baptist Church Family Life Center 3rd Tuesday of each Month @7:00 pm. Contact: 


Seven years after WWII in 1953 this club was founded. They have a strong service reputation offering BrainMinders presentations to the local Schools. Participate with SAFEKIDS giving out bicycle helmets to prevent brain injuries. Meeting Place: Seneca Woman's Club on th 2nd Thursday of each month at 6:30. Contact:


Chartered April 29th 1939. Kiwanis and Rotary clubs met to talk with interested business women to discuss the value of service clubs in the community. They joined forces with all clubs to start the Iris Festival which is still one of the top tourist events in SC. Projects include purchasing handicap swings for the the park, home safety devices for stroke victims , participating in the Alzehimer's walk, memory lights at Swan Lake during, providing a Valentine's party for adults with brain disorders, Easter egg hunt for special needs children, and participating with PI BrainMinders presentations for all ages. Meeting Place: Catherine's on Broad 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month - 1:00 pm. Contact Person: Lin Hendrix

Evening Pilot Club of Sumter

 Chartered in 1972 for members who would prefer to meet at night instead of at lunch time. One of the projects they offer is to inspect special needs homes for quality assurance. They give a scholarship to a student studying in the brain related field.   They have received a grant from Pilot International allowing them to present Camp Burnt Gin (Special Needs Camp for Children) a newly renovated 3, 000 plus book library.  They are very successful in presenting the Brainminders program not only to local schools, but childcare centers, also.  Major fundraiser for this club is the Iris Market that is located at the world renowned Swan Lake Gardens”.  Meeting Place: Logan’s Roadhouse on 3rd Monday of each Month @ 6:30. Contact:,,  or

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The first meeting was held in October 1952. Worked closely with Girl Scouts and Little League. They support the local Alzheimer's Walk in conjunction with Pilot focus on brain related service. They have paid for tonsillectomies for underprivileged children. Raising funds by selling Birthday Calendars to offer 2 scholarships to high school students. They sponsor an Anchor Club at Walhalla High School. Meeting Place: Oconee Heritage Center, 3rd Thursday of each month @ 6:30 pm. Contact: 

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